MatISSE Workshop on cross-cutting issues in structural materials for future energy systems

MatISSE Workshop on Structural Materials for future Energy Systems

Dates: November 25-26, 2015

Location: Institute for Energy and Transport, Petten, The Netherlands


Materials, structural as well as functional, are key for the development and implementation of lowcarbon, clean, efficient and reliable energy technologies. Although the different energy systems such as renewables (e.g. wind, concentrated solar, photovoltaics), nuclear and “clean” fossil technologies, have different challenges, there are also many cross-cutting issues and needs. The purpose of this Workshop, organized as part of the EU funded 7th Framework project MaTISSE, is to discuss the present status of structural materials research and development for future energy systems and in particular to identify common topics and sharing knowledge between different energy technologies.


The Workshop is a two day event.It will be organized around four cross-cutting issues:

  • High temperature applications: Steels and metallic alloys and Ceramics;
  • Liquid metal/metal (or other) compatibility;
  • Design Codes;
  • Advanced steels – development and manufacturing.

Each session will consist of consist of invited keynote speakers from two different energy technologies and presentations of associated research in European projects. The keynote presentations will be 30-40 minutes including questions whereas the other presentations will be 20 minutes including questions. A final wrap-up session will be dedicated to identifying joint research activities across different energy technologies.


The Workshop is targeting stakeholders from research organizations, academia, industry and national and international funding organizations.

Organizing Committee:

Karl-Fredrik Nilsson, JRC-IET, European Commission,

Lorenzo Malerba, SCK•CEN, Belgium, LMALERBA@SCKCEN.BE

Marta Serrano, CIEMAT, Spain,

Claudio Mingazzini, ENEA, Italy,

Patricia Ho-Hune, LGI-Consulting, France,

Angelika Bohnstedt, KIT, Germany,

Aurore Michaux, CEA, France,

Cristelle Pareige, CNRS Univ. de Rouen, France,

Contact: Karl-Fredrik Nilsson ( ), Patricia Ho-Hune (, Teodora Virban (

In order to participate to the workshop please fill in the online questionnaire or dowload the Word Version. For accommodation, download the hotel form and follow the instructions.

Download the invitation flyer –>

The final agenda of the workshop is now available!!

The presenations of the workshop can be dowloaded by following the titles below:

Introduction – JPNM in General, Lorenzo Malerba

  1. Research synergies for development of high performance materials, Steven J. Zinkle
  2. Cross-Cutting Issues relating to high temperature integrity, Stuart Holdsworth
  3. Responsive power generation: materials models and life technologies for high-temperature plant, Chris Bullough
  4. Candidate materials for GFR concept ALLEGRO and R&D related activities, Jana Kalivodová
  5. The EUROfusion program on 9CrWVTa steels, Michael Rieth
  6. High temperature steels in conventional thermal plants – views on trends, Pertti Auerkari
  7. Advances in high temperature property determination for Gen-IV materials, Stefan Holmström
  8. Liquid Metal coolants for high power heat transport systems, Peter Hosemann
  9. Compatibility of Structural Steel with Heavy Liquid Metals (HLMs): A Cross-cutting View, Jürgen Konys
  10. Compatibility of structural materials with molten salts and liquid metals for CSP applications, Marta Navas
  11. Compatibility of structural materials under high temperature thermal flux with Helium Cooling System for Fusion Reactor and Coolant Purification System, Marco Utili
  12. RCC-MRX code: context, overview, on-going developments, Cécile Pétesch
  13. Structural Performance of next-generation nuclear components: lessons from the UK’s R5 and R6 structural integrity assessment procedures, Mike Smith
  14. Design Code Development in EERA JPNM: Work done and future needs, Karl-Fredrik Nilsson
  15. Comparison of RCC-MRx and ASME Section III Subsection NH as Elevated Temperature Design Codes, Hyeong-Yeon Lee
  16. Rapid fabrication of fibre reinforced CMCs by microwave CVI, Jon G.P. Binner
  17. Issues for the life prediction of Ceramic Matrix Composite components, Lamon Jacques
  18. Exploring the potential of MAX phases for select applications in extreme environments, Konstantza Lambrinou
  19. Possible applications of SiC-based technology for durable design in CSP 23, Antonio Rinaldi
  20. Possible Cross-cutting Applications for EUROfusion High Heat Flux Materials, Michael Rieth
  21. Advanced steels for thermal power – status, challenges and progress, Pertti Auerkari
  22. Tailoring the Mechanical Response of Advanced High Strength Steels through Microstructure Design, Pascal J. Jacques
  23. Activities on ODS steels for Gen IV cladding tubes, Marta Serrano
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