Context & Objectives

MatISSE has the ambition to prepare the building of a European integrated research programme on materials innovation for a safe and sustainable nuclear. It is foreseen as a Combination of Collaborative-Projects and Coordination-and-Support-Actions.

R&D organisations with a variety of expertise, competences and testing facilities have been given the mission by their governments to contribute to R&D&I efforts on advances in materials for energy. Under the auspices of the European Energy Research Alliance (EERA), these partners have set-up a Joint Programme on Nuclear Materials (JPNM) with the objective of better coordinating national initiatives, EC funded programs and, possibly, other private-public or transnational collaborations.

The coordination and support action of MatISSE focuses on the most effective evolution of JPNM. This may include:

  1. networking with public authorities;
  2. harmonisation of best practices and implementation of communication tools;
  3. a common strategy, appropriate organisation, governance, finances, knowledge management, and the organisation of calls.

Moreover, MatISSE comprises targeted R&D activities in thematic areas considered as priorities by the JPNM partners. The selected scientific and technical work is directed to progress in the fields of conventional materials, advanced materials and predictive capabilities.

These R&D fields are relevant for the European Sustainable Nuclear Industrial Initiative (ESNII) and most theoretical and experimental approaches are considered for fission and fusion research. In particular, emphasis has been put on materials used for fuel and structural elements in advanced nuclear systems, including the fuel/cladding interaction.

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MatISSE paper selected as best 2017 paper in the Journal of Nuclear Materials

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