Activities overview

The MatISSE project, which is divided into seven work packages, has been prepared and discussed in the frame of JPNM.

WP1 includes all Coordination and Support Actions which accompany the EERA JPNM evolution toward a common strategic approach by defining an integrated research program possibly through the integration of EU-funded and national R&D programmes.

WP2, 3, 4 and 5 are dedicated to technical works which have been considered as a priority within the Sub-Programmes of the JPNM:

  • WP2 focusing on modelling of irradiation-induced hardening and creep in ferritic/martensitic alloys,
  • WP3 and WP4 are devoted to research activities on advanced materials for innovative nuclear reactors, specifically ceramic composites for GFRs and LFRs (WP3) and ODS alloys for LFR and SFR cladding (WP4),
  • WP5 involves shorter-term R&D on cladding and structural materials for the ESNII systems, namely austenitic steels and ferritic/martensitic steels, including activities on the fuel cladding interaction.

Concerning education, knowledge-sharing and exploitation of the findings, a dedicated work package (WP6) will address these items. Finally, WP7 addresses management activities, including scientific and consortium management.

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MatISSE paper selected as best 2017 paper in the Journal of Nuclear Materials

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